Polycarbonate (PC) is an extremely strong, impact resistant thermoplastic material that can be sterilized, which makes it perfect for medical applications. For applications requiring high performance mechanical properties and temperature resistance, Polycarbonate is an ideal choice.


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Polymaker PC-Plus™ 1.75mm

Polymaker PC-Plus™ is a polycarbonate based filament designed specifically for desktop FDM/FFF 3D printing. It offers superior printing quality, excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance, with moderate printing temperatures and great warping resistance. Polymaker PC-Plus™ comes with a 8″ x 8″ BuildTak Sheet
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Clariant PC+ABS-GF15 1.75mm


Clariant has added speciality chemicals to 15% Glass Fiber Reinforced PC + ABS to improve the heat stability and resistance in relation to thermo-oxidative degrading. This unique and inspired polymer blend also offers less warping during printing, resulting in a stronger and more reliable printed part.

Each spool contains 1kg of filament.

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3DXTech CarbonX CF PC 1.75mm 750g


3DXTech\'s CarbonX CF PC is a high-quality polycarbonate filament reinforced with carbon fibres to give excellent strength and stiffness.

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