Carbon Fiber 1.75 mm
  • Carbon Fiber 1.75 mm
  • Carbon Fiber 1.75 mm

Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber 1.75 mm

Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber - a reinforced PLA, made from PLA Resin compounded with 15% by weight short chopped Carbon Fibers. It is designed to be stiff, or to resist bending. It is a very stiff material and makes parts with an incredibly solid feel. The appearance is black with a metallic shimmer in direct light.

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Carbon Fiber PLA is an "Exotic" filament and are demonstrably more rigid, providing excellent structural strength and layer adhesion with very low warpage. It has a beautiful matte black finish with a slight sheen due to the embedded carbon.

What is it made out of?
Proto-pasta Carbon Fiber PLA is made from NatureWorks 4043D PLA Resin compounded with 15% (by weight) chopped Carbon Fibers. It is more brittle than standard PLA in its filament form, so handle it carefully to prevent breakage.

How much stronger is it?
The short answer is that this filament isn't "stronger," rather, it is more rigid. Increased rigidity from the carbon fiber means increased structural support but decreased flexibility, making our Carbon Fiber PLA an ideal material for frames, supports, shells, propellers, tools... really anything not expected (or desired) to bend. It is particularly loved by drone builders and and RC hobbyists.

Print Settings
Because of the chopped carbon, Proto-pasta Carbon Fiber PLA may have trouble getitng through smaller nozzles. We have had good success using a .5mm nozzle and direct-drive spring loaded pinch-roll style extrusion head.

Generally, our customers find it prints just like standard PLA on their machines (at around 195-210° F), though others find success running it a bit hotter (around 220° F). Experiment with your printer and see what works best for you.

Do I need a heated bed? 
No, Carbon Fiber PLA does not require a heated bed or an inclosure.

Carbon fiber and your printer nozzel
The carbon fibers in our filament are processed for an optimum size: short enough to print in PLA without clogging nozzles, but long enough to provide the added rigidity carbon fiber is famous for. At this length, the chopped carbon fiber makes this filament more abrasive than standard PLA. Prolonged use may result in more wear on your 3D printer, particularly lower-end nozzles.

Abrasive Exotics are not for Everyone!

Carbon Fiber filaments include materials which, even when finely ground, will increase the wear on your printer nozzle if your nozzle is made of a “soft” metal, like brass. After printing 500 g of filament or more, you will begin to notice a gradual increase in brass nozzle diameter, and will eventually have to replace your printer nozzle. Exotics made by other manufacturers, including wood filled, metal filled, and some glow in the dark materials, are also more abrasive than standard PLA. We are of the mindset that replacing a nozzle every two or three months is worth it to print metal and other advanced materials on our 3D printers, but not everyone wants to replace their nozzles more than absolutely necessary, and some machines are not easily serviceable. For this reason, these types of materials are not for everyone.

Recommended printing at 190C-210C using a 0.5mm nozzle and direct-drive spring loaded pinch-roll style extrusion head.

Product weight: 250g.


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Filament Diameter (mm)
250g of filament

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