Filament Diameter (mm)

SLM 3D Printers

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology provides excellent fit and mass customisation. This technology is used to build objects with complex geometric shapes, often with thin walls and cavities. SLM 3D printing is successfully used in the aerospace, automotive and medical industries, allowing you to create structural components with high-strength and consistent quality, to meet the most stringent regulation requirements. An additional positive effect is the material savings, as SLM technology is almost waste-free production.

SLM 3D Printers

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ORLAS CREATOR - Metal 3D Printer

The ORLAS CREATOR is a revolutionary metal 3D printer equipped with an advanced laser system for direct metal deposition. This system from OR LASER offers all the best advantages of additive manufacturing for precision metal components at an affordable price and efficient lead-time. 
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