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Filament by Properties

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Formfutura HDglass™ 2.85mm

HDglass™ is a amorphous , high strength and ultra-transparent modified PETG compounded 3D printer filament range.
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TreeD Hirma 1.75 mm


The 3D Printing acrylic Filament. A lightweight thermoplastic that can be made transparent through acetone or particular resins.

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PolyPlus™ PLA 1.75mm 3kg

PolyPlus™ PLA is a premium PLA designed for all desktop FDM 3D printers. It is produced with their patented Jam-Free™ technology that ensures consistent extrusion and prevents jams.
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Polymaker PC-MAX™ with Buildtak 1.75mm

Polymaker PC-Max™ is an advanced polycarbonate based filament designed specifically for desktop FDM/FFF 3D printing. In addition to high printing quality, great mechanical strength and heat resistance, Polymaker PC-Max™ offers excellent impact strength and fracture toughness, making it the ideal choice for engineering applications.
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Formfutura TitanX™ 1.75mm ABS


TitanX™ is a revolutionary new high-performance and FDM-optimized engineering filament. TitanX™ is the evolution of ABS into a warp-free filament extremely suitable for 3D printing large scale and high precision engineering objects

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PolyMax™ PLA 1.75mm 3KG

PolyMax™ PLA is a 3D printing material with excellent mechanical properties and printing quality. PolyMax™ PLA has an impact resistance of up to nine times that of regular PLA, and better overall mechanical properties than ABS.
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3Style 16 Colour Filament Package

3style offers a pack of 16 colors of PLA filament to use with your 3Style 3D Printing Pen.
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NinjaTek Cheetah 2.85mm

NinjaTek Cheetah replaces Semiflex as the fastest and easiest to print flexible filament on the market. 
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OWA Armor PS 1.75mm

OWA PS is a 30% recycled polystrene filament made from used printer ink cartridges. It is available in striking colours and prints just as easily as PLA, with slightly more flexible characteristics.
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PolySmooth™ 1.75mm

Get rid of ridges on your prints with PolySmooth filament. Designed to be used with the PolySher, this PVB filament is lightly dissolved by Isapropanol or ethanol removing the layer lines. This process is automated in the PolySher creating a mist of Isopropanol which evenly coats the whole print.
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