FilaWarmer for Filament
  • FilaWarmer for Filament

FilaWarmer for Filament

The FilaWarmer for filament helps keep the memory of its shape on the spool for the most optimal printing conditions of your filament.

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iMakr Verdict:

As Filamet™ passes through the warmer, the memory of the Filamet™ is reset and prints with ease. Designed to be used with Filamet material, which has an exterior plastic coating that encases and protects the metal material. The FilaWarmer comes pre-programmed to 60°C - perfect for Stainless Steel 316L Filamet™. Adjust the temperature to 45°C for Bronze and Copper Filamet™. For best results, station the Filamet™ spool above the printer to minimize any bend of the filament as it comes off the spool. Hang the FilaWarmer so that the top of the warming tube is at the same level as the spool center hole.

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