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Flashforge Professional Solutions

Flashforge Professional Solutions

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Flashforge Hunter


DLP Hunter 3D Printer is one of the most accurate 3D printer. It allows you to create many complex models, and can be used in printing small size jewelry, especially with intricate items of between 14 and 40mm in diameter. Detailed models can be printed with castable resin, greatly reducing the amount of work required to make them.


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Flashforge Creator 3


Setting a new standard for affordable production, the Flashforge Creator3 has an Independent dual extrusion system with the printing accuracy to match. Print in multiple materials or multiple colours on a heated removable print bed for ease.

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Flashforge Guider IIS

The Flashforge Guider IIS is a professional FDM 3D printer with a 68% larger build volume (250 x 280 x 300mm) than its predecessor and offers stable and successful 3D printing every time. This new model can print in an expanded range of materials and includes an onboard camera and an air filter.
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