iMakr and Oxfam use 3D Printing for Humanitarian Aid in Lebanon

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Oxfam has selected iMakr to help with the rapid design, testing and manufacturing of items that will help to keep people healthy in areas suffering a crisis.

The project calls on 3D Designers to contribute their energy to creating a new product that solves a specific problem during a humanitarian emergency.

This product will be sent electronically to Oxfam's team in the region, and 3D Printed in country. The product will then be field tested and further required improvements will be identified. This process will repeat over a number of iterations until a final design is ready to be sent to manufacturers for mass production.

The first test case for this concept is the Syrian Crisis, specifically supporting refugees who have fled to neighbouring Lebanon. The problem identified in this case is that a better hand wash system is required that will save water and encourage hygiene.

•After 2 weeks we hope to have a large range of designs submitted by the public.
•After 4 weeks we will have processed submissions and sent the designs to our 3D printer in
•After 6 weeks the items will have been field tested.
•After 2-4 months the chosen product will be ready for mass manufacture

iMakr needs YOU!
iMakr is calling for 3D designers across the world to download the design specification from and submit their designs by the 27th May 2014.

“At the start of the year we were approached by Oxfam to advise on the potential of using 3D Printers to deliver assistance in locations suffering a humanitarian emergency. Together we considered a range of possibilities and concluded that Crowd Sourced design combined with 3D Printing prototypes in the field was the best way to start”

“The first stage was to deploy a 3D Printer to the Oxfam office in Lebanon. Once in location we established our online link with Oxfam Engineer Rob Delaney, who will oversee it's operation.”

“Today we have launched the Oxfam 3D Printing project with our first design specification for an efficient and attractive hand washing device. We hope that many 3D Designers across the globe will welcome the opportunity to make a real difference for this charitable cause”

“According to a 2003 study by Curtis & Cairncross, simply washing hands with soap can reduce the risk of diarrhoea by 47% so if this process results in a new product which encourages people to wash their hands more then it will result in a significant improvement in affected people’s health in emergencies. ”
- Angus McBride, Emergency Sanitation Researcher, Oxfam GB

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About Oxfam
Oxfam is a global movement of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn't inevitable. It's an injustice which can, and must, be overcome. When we give one person a lift so they can help themselves, they will lift others in their families and communities. We call this chain reaction lifting lives for good. Oxfam is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 202918) and Scotland (SC039042). Oxfam GB is a member of the international confederation Oxfam.


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