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  • $430

    Apium PEEK 450 filament is a highly resistant, semi-crystaline thermoplastic material. It is ideal for applications requiring thermal, chemical, and mechanical exceptional conditions. Industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Electronics, and Oil & Gas use this material for its excellent characteristics.

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  • $559

    Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK from Apium, is a material formulated with Carbon Fibers and PEEK. Its high thermal conductivity, enabled thanks to its specific formulation, made CFR PEEK an ideal material for a variety of industries as aerospace or electronic. Create functional prototyping, end-use parts or material development with the CFR PEEK material.

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  • $259

    The PDVF 1000 filament material from Apium is the solution for Oil and Gas industries. This homopolymer with medium viscosity offers high chemical resistance up to 149°C. Its excellent characteristics enable the print of challenging applications where long-term resistance and corrosion prevention are important. 

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  • $175

    POM-C ESD filament from Apium is an ideal option for the replacement of metal components, due to its light-weight feel and high resisitibility. Use POM-C ESD for chemical technology, semiconductor technology, textiles, computer technology, and more.

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  • $359

    The filament PEI 9085 from Apium is an engineering plastic material that offers high strength resistance. Its properties, similar to PEEK's gives you a significant advantage on your production at an affordable price. PEI filament is the solution for applications in aircraft, electronics and automotive industries.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items