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Filament for Orthopaedics 

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  • $89

    Verum T from TreeD is an orthopaedics 3D filament based on polyester matrix. This material provides printed pieces with excellent rigidity and high tenacity. Its properties enable the sterelization in autoclave at 125°C.

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  • $65

    TreeD Elasto A 3D filament is a polyester elastomer material for orthopedic applications. Its flexible properties make this filament ideal for the print of pieces requiring reliability over the tome and excellent elasticity such as sealed gaskets and elastic joint elements. 

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  • $75

    Pure FT orthopaedic 3D filament is a flexible modified polyester elastomer. This material has been tested in laboratories and is enriched with a new generation of antimicrobial material.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items