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  • The Ender-3 PRO is a high precision FDM 3D printer that offers an upgraded printing experience with a improved high standard structure, magnetic build platform, and patented extruder technology

  • The Creality3D LD-001 is a compact DLP printer that allows users to print high definition models without having to invest highly in terms of money and space.

  • The Creality3D CR-20 Printer is an affordable and easy to use printer that is an improved version of the CR-10. Equipped with innovative Resume Print technology, self-adhesive platform, and a compact build volume of 220 x 220 x 250mm the CR-20 is ideal for anyone just getting into 3D printing.

  • The CR-5S 3D printer is a high accuracy desktop assembled 3D printer. It features dual-colour printing and a large print volume.

  • The Creality CR X 3D Printer is a revolutionary FDM printer that allows you to print large models with two colours at once.

  • Huge build volume and high precision, the Creality3D Xtend 500 is a full-metal body printer for personalized design, education instiutions, prototypers and artists.

  • The CR-3040S 3D printer from Creality 3D is a highly affordable and reliable desktop 3D printer for bringing your 2D ideas into a 3rd dimension.   Features a fully-enclosed printer chamber, an intelligent system failure fetaure, and compatible with most printing materials like ABS, PLA, and TPU.

  • The Creality3D CR-1000 is a huge industrial machine that features an enclosed build space, a heated bed, and a hot end that reaches up to 350°C for high-end materials. This machine is extremely affordable compared to similar sized printers and their prices.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items