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INTAMSYS® delivers high quality industrial 3D Printing solutions for printing functional parts with a wide range of functional material. INTAMSYS printers are a first of their kind that allow users to have one machine that can work with almost all polymers.

FUNMAT = FUNctional MATerials

The FUNMAT range of printers provide the world’s most affordable, cutting-edge desktop 3D Printers dedicated to printing functional parts. Users have the flexibility to use a wide range of materials including high temperature polymers like PEEK and ULTEM, and also industrial grade materials like ABS, PC and NYLON. 

FUNMAT HT finds application in

Product Development, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Oil & Gas, Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Education...


High Performance FUNctional MATerial 3D Printer

PEEK   ●   ULTEM/PEI     PC     Carbon Fibre     PPSU     ABS     PLA


Intamsys PEEK Filament

PA:                                           PA + Carbon Fiber:                                  PPSU:                                     ULTEM:                                                      ULTEM:  

Intamsys Material Selection

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