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FabLab Partnership Program 

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At iMakr we recognise that FabLabs and print farms play a pivotal role in driving innovation in local communities. We share the mission of bringing technical creativity and manufacturing capability closer to home.  As such, we are dedicated to helping innovation centres build their 3D printing, design and scanning capacity sensibly and affordably.  

We can work with your FabLab in a number of ways to help you achieve your goals:

  • Through special offers on multiple 3D printer and scanner packages.
  • Through filament and resin subscriptions.
  • Through 3D printer maintenance contracts.

Our wide range of printers and scanners offer plenty of opportunities for FabLabs to enhance their additive manufacturing capacity, and our diverse catalogue of consumables will give your membership a wide variety of creative media.

We look forward to working with you and your members to advance the 3D revolution. Please contact us on fablabs@imakr.com.

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  • iMakr look forward to partnering with your FabLab to keep you up and running!  We can tailor our offer with special rates on filament and resins to match your specific requirements. Monthly and quarterly rates based on consumption are all available so contact us now at fablabs@imakr.com.

  • Build the 3D manufacturing capabilities of your FabLab affordably and with total confidence. If you're looking to expand your capacity or diversify your technology we can set up a package that works for you.All iMakr 3D printers and scanners are covered by our 1 year warranty and our engineers provide full technical support.Contact us now to learn what we...

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