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High-strength Resins 

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  • $65

    The Fun To Do Industrial Blend resin has been developed especially for industrial customers who need for an extra hard resin that maintains its structural integrity when exposed to very low or high temperatures. Because of these properties it is one of the few resins perfectly suitable for vulcanisation. 

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  • $209

    A high-strength, fast-curing, resin for durable models, vulcanized mold-making, or casting in hard investments.  Slice thick for quick results or thin for fine details.

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  • $199

    This is a new, functional prototyping resin that is capable of maintaining surface quality despite its high build speeds. The material resembles ABS plastic and retains the print's shape during the curing process, producing industrial-level prints for many applications. 

    Delivery within 1-2 weeks.
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items