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Igus Iglidur® I180-PF 2.85mm


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Iguldur I180-PF is up to 50 times more abrasion resistant than other 3D printing materials. It is used to make bearings and other parts for use in high wear environments.

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iMakr's Verdict
Tribology is the study of friction and governs the design of bearings and wear resistant parts. Igus specialise in the production of polymer bearings which are self lubricating and provide a higher contact area than ball bearings reducing part wear. The igus material is available in filament form for 3D printing, offering up to 50x more abrasion resistance than standard 3D printing filaments. I180-PF is an all round performance tribofilament with printed parts able to function in temperatures between -40 to 80°C. It offers parts with very low wear rates, especially in high speed applications. Printing the filament requires a heated bed and a closed chamber.


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Filament Diameter (mm)2.85 mm
Printing Temperature260 °C
Weight750 g
Bed Temperature90 °C