Base Station I MakerBot Method

Base Station for MakerBot Method is an industrial-grade storage cart solution that adds stability and mobility to your 3D printing experience.

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The MakerBot Base Station is a stand unit for the Method and Method X 3D Printers. It has many features to ensure your printing experience is smooth and easy, such as large front drawer and shelved cupboard space to hold extra filament, spare parts and extra bits and bobs you need to keep on 3D modelling / Rapid Prototyping.
Method & Method X are heavy machines that need two people to lift. With lockable wheels and adjustable stabilising feet, the Printer can be moved and located in another workspace with ease and keep it stable when needed.

Key Features :

  • Industrial casters allow for easy repositioning within your workspace
  • Telescopic legs ensure ultra-level stability and pristine print quality
  • Two storage bins on either side of printer for quick access to tools
  • Double door cabinet for larger items like material spools
  • Compartmentalized drawer for organized storage of tools and accessories

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