3D4Makers PCL 100 750g 1.75mm/2.85mm
  • 3D4Makers PCL 100 750g 1.75mm/2.85mm

3D4Makers PCL 100 750g

PCL is a low temperature biodegradeable plastic commonly used for experimental long term medical implanting as a result of its slow degradation.
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Polycaprolactone 100 (PCL) is 100% pure polycaprolactone homopolymer with a molecular weight of 50000, made of high quality biodegradable plastic derived from petrochemical feedstock. It is compostable under home composting conditions. PCL is a semi-crystalline polyester that is which leads to a clean white final appearance. The product is easily colored. PCL has a density of around 1.2kg/cm3 and has exceptional mechanical properties. It melts at around 60°C making it a safe thermoplastic to print. It has a glass transition temperature of -60°C making the product extremely flexible and tough.

The unique properties from the 3D4MAKERS PCL Filament make it particularly suitable for usage in FDM and FFF 3D printers. The material has an amazing adhesion between layers which results in great improvement of the impact resistance, strength, durability and the printing process. Due to the low melting point of PCL it can be reshaped after 3D printing with water of 55 °C.

The PCL Filament produced by 3D4MAKERS is in compliance with the European regulations EC No. 1935/2004 and EC No. 10/2011 concerning plastic materials and articles coming into contact with food. The colorants used by 3D4MAKERS to colour the Filament also meet these European regulations.


Data sheet

Printing Temperature
115 - 145°C
Bed Temperature
30 - 45°C
BuildTak, Glass with Glue, DimaFix

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