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The D4K Pro Jewellery is a high resolution, professional-grade desktop ideal for jewellery workshops of any size. The EnvisionTEC resins, WIC100G and Q-View, as well as many other castable resins, make a perfect match for this printer to guarantee a great finish.

Applications: Jewellery

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The EnvisionTEC D4K Pro Jewellery 3D Printer

The D4K Pro is the highest resolution 4K desktop 3D printer. This printer includes an incredibly high print speed for a standard DLP printer and delivers parts with accurate finish and fine detail. EnvisionTEC has built the D4K on an industrial 4K DLP projector and can promise stable performance for many years after purchase.

The D4K Pro for Jewellery Manufacturing

The EnvisionTEC D4K Pro Jewellery 3D Printer is built on the reliable 4K UV DLP projector and comes with EnvisionTEC's patented PSA for low separation forces. EnvisionTEC brings vast experience in producing 3D printers for Jewellery production, as it has been in the industry since 2003. EnvisionTEC recommends using either the Q-View Resin or the W100 Series, however many of the EnvisionTEC castable resins are compatible. When printing with the Q-View resin this machine offers speedy and efficient production of design verification models. The W100 Series is a popular value casting material with a 20% powder wax content, this allows for a standard wax burnout cycle with most investment.

Key Features

  • License: Open material access option
  • Intelligent closed loop minimal peeling forces
  • Start projects remotely and monitor throughout process
  • 24/7 production environment
  • Material change within minutes
  • Integrated Envision One RP Software

Check out how to use the D4K Pro for Jewellery above, to optimise the use of this machine.

Q-View Resin

Q-View Resin is a super-fast printing material for quick design verification models.

WIC100 Series

The WIC 100 Series Resin is a casting material with a 20% wax content. This allows for standard wax burnout cycle.

Machine Properties

Machine Properties

Learn more about the EnvisionTEC Dental Portfolio and the best use of the EnvisionTEC resin.

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Data sheet

Layer Thickness / Print Precision
25 - 150 µm
XY Resolution
50 µm
Touch Screen / Ethernet, USB

Specific References


EnvisionTEC D4K Pro Dental

Showcase of the Resins compatible to print Dental and Orthodontic models with D4K Pro Dental

Download (790.27k)

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