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  • Filamet™ Copper PLA .75kg + Deluxe Buffing Kit
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  • Filamet™ Copper PLA .75kg + Deluxe Buffing Kit
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  • Filamet™ Copper PLA 1.75mm 750g + Deluxe Buffing Kit

Filamet™ Copper PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Filamet™ Copper PLA has the highest metal content of all filled filaments, at a staggering 90% by weight. Printed parts can be sanded and polished to bring out a metallic shine, or fired in a kiln to produce parts with 99.9% metal content.
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iMakr's Verdict
Filamet™ Copper PLA is the closest you can get to printing in metal from a FDM printer. It prints just like PLA, with a reduced speed to allow enough energy to melt the dense filament. Printed parts look, smell and feel like copper, even when they are not kiln fired.

Key features

  • High metal content: With 90% copper by weight printed parts feel, weigh and smell exactly like real metal parts.
  • Multiple post processing possibilities: Printed parts can be sanded, polished, coated, kiln fired or allowed to oxidise for a range of finishes.
  • Easy to print: Filamet™ prints like regular PLA, just reduce speed to around 50%.

Printing Tips
  • Print at 50% of your usual printing speed to allow the filament to melt properly.
  • Use an all metal hot end, the metal particles are abrasive and will damage other hot ends, and will wear all hot ends over time.
  • The filament is brittle and may snap during printing. Mounting the filament externally from the printer, ideally above with a clear path to the extruder, will reduce the likelyhood of breakage during printing.
  • A Magic Black Powder is available to purchase separately to kiln fire printed parts.
  • The sintering process can be downloaded below.
  • Magic Black Powder mixing ratio is about 1 cup of water to 2 cups Magic Black Powder.


Data sheet

Filament Diameter (mm)
1.75 mm
Inner spool diameter
65 mm
Outer spool diameter
170 mm
Printing Temperature
200 - 220 °C
1 kg
Material type
PLA with 90% copper particles by weight
Special Features
Can be kiln fired to produce 99,9% metal parts (Requires magic black powder)
Spool width
60 mm

Specific References


Sintering Process

Download (138.57k)

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