Netfabb Enterprise 7
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Netfabb Enterprise 7

Netfabb Enterprise 7 is an advanced software for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. 
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Professional 3D printing software
netfabb Professional / netfabb Enterprise is an advanced software for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

netfabb Professional 7 improves your productivity in quote creation, checking and repairing of build data, as well as job optimization. Quality control prevents machine errors and enhances your overall process reliability and efficiency.

netfabb Enterprise 7 provides the same functionality as netfabb Professional and only differs with regards to the licensing model. netfabb Enterprise 7 comes with a hardware dongle and can be used as a floating license in your network. One dongle can hold several licenses and all the network PCs share them, first-come first-serve.

netfabb Professional 7: Single seat – install netfabb on one system
netfabb Enterprise 7: Network – install netfabb on an infinite amount of systems + multiple licenses possible

New in netfabb Enterprise 7:

  • Highlight: netfabb CAD Import add-on now included into the netfabb Professional/Enterprise as a  standard feature. This allows you to import 20 of the most used CAD file formats and convert them into clean STL and other Additive Manufacturing files.
  • Creation of model packaging now included into the netfabb Professional/Enterprise. Helps you when you have to sinter lots of small parts and want to avoid that they are getting lost in the process of unboxing.
  • Two new extrude modes allow the interactive extrusion of meshes, plus an added option for thickening included in the 3D extrude function. This new type of mesh manipulation allows a lightning-fast repair of e.g. scanned dental prostheses and faces.
  • Outbox minimizer: The part is rotated so that the outbox is minimized and therefore saves resources.
  • Automatic collision detection now works with different distances.
  • 3MF file format now also fully supported by the netfabb MacOs and Linux version.
  • Customizable short keys
  • Support Structures add-ons only: Select supported areas manually and run customized scripts on specific areas in the support structures add-ons. This enables you to automatically add different types of support structures to different part areas with different angles. This feature is a live-saver when you need to support parts that a strongly asymmetric in their shape.

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