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ESSENTIAL, a 3SHAPER software solution

ESSENTIAL 3SHAPER is an entry level of 3SHAPER that is ideal for a CAD beginner.
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3SHAPER is Type3’s subdivision modelling software that allows for easy manipulation.

It is an intuitive software with powerful tools to create accessories, products and sculptures.

For designers interested in pushing the design boundaries even further and to include freeform and organic shapes to their models, 3SHAPER is the ideal solution. Using subdivision modelling, designers can push, twist and bend models like they would with clay. 

The main benefits:

  • The clear and intuitive interface of 3SHAPER CAD cuts the learning curve in half.
  • Intuitively model organic shapes freely and naturally.
  • 3SHAPER CAD works on Mac and PC platforms.
  • Within the software there is a library of elements that can be used. Swarovski, as a partner, have integrated their elements in this library. Your own creations can also be implemented.

Make your ideas instantly take shape in 3D on your screen as you create.


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