4 Steps To Maintain Your 3D Printer

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So you’ve got yourself a 3D printer? Fantastic! We’ve listed a few tips for maintaining your 3D printer to avoid any unnecessary problems in your future printing projects.

So you’ve got yourself a 3D printer? Fantastic! You can literally design and create projects to your heart’s content. But what do you do when you find yourself trying to print a model for your office presentation in the morning or a DIY wedding cake topper for the big day and it stops printing mid project? Do you panic and start yelling at the machine, forsaking technology? Press a ton of buttons and semi-abuse the printer? You don’t need to do that!

Owning a 3D printer is a cool investment but it’s important to know how to take care of it. Not only does it save you money but it also saves you stress. Too often problems with tech can be solved by taking care of the product the way the manufacture or experts recommend. 3D printers are after all mechanical objects with lots of moving parts, all of which can be effected by the various printing materials that might be spilled, dripped or splashed. We’ve listed a few tips for maintaining your 3D printer to avoid any unnecessary problems in your future printing projects.

  1. Check The Software - The printer, like most machines, may sometimes require a software or firmware update. It’s important to keep track of new releases to programs or ensure you’re rebooting your printer and allowing it to add in any new features that might address some old bugs. However, when upgrading the software for your printer, make sure you do this across the board as if you have a printer that works a bit better than the computer you’re using to design your renderings, then your machines won’t be on a level playing field.

  2. Replace The Filters - Filters in your printer will at one point or another get backed up. Whether it’s from some filament spill during one of your projects or just moisture build up, the ventilation needed to cool the machine won’t be 100 percent. Being vigilant and knowing when your filters need replacing is a crucial step to make sure you can continue printing your projects and will help keep your machine at the right temperature.

  3. Swap Out Old or Broken Parts - It’s important to be aware of the parts in your printer that may not have the same life expectancy as the printer itself. Items like 3D printing nozzles need to be changed especially if you are working on projects that use new filament materials that might wear it down over time.

  4. Clean The Machine - Although some items that fall into the machine or get logged in may seem harmless, as the gears begin to move to create your next project, the pieces can shift and get stuck in other areas that are detrimental in your printer’s continued ability to make new objects. Be sure to clean it, no matter how small the material that falls into it is.

By knowing a few of these 3D printer maintenance techniques, you can continue creating new projects and be at ease that your printer is in tip top shape!


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