Industrial & High Strength Resins

Industrial & High Strength Resins

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BASF Ultracur3D ST 80 Resin


BASF Ultracur3D ST 80 is a great cost effective all rounder resin. Ideal for prototyping. This resin features good toughness and impact strength. Available in 4 colour options, Clear, Black, White, Grey.

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BASF Ultracur3D RG 35 Resin


BASF Ultracur3D RG 35 is a rigid, high performance resin. Features high stiffness and high temperature resistance. The resin has low water uptake and is easy to polish.

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BASF Ultracur3D ST 45 B

BASF Ultracur3D ST 45 B, a black, tough, multi purpose resin featuring optimum toughness and processing speed. Suitable for prototypes and functional end-use parts, the black colouring of the resin provides a good surface finish.
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BlueCast X10 Customizer


Choose between three options for the X10 Customizer to achieve either sharper, softer or harder material properties of your X10 LCD/DLP resin.

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BlueCast X10 SLA/DLP


BlueCast X10 is ideal for direct investment casting of jewellery and dental moulds. Developed to achieve perfect castings using wax equipment as well as gypsum bonded investments.

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LOCTITE 3D | 3820 High Impact


The LOCTITE 3D 3820 Ultra Clear is a sturdy material for functional prototyping. The resin is clear and will not yellow over time.

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EnvisionTEC | R11


The EnvisionTEC R11 resin produces robust, accurate and functional parts.

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EnvisionTEC | RC Series


The EnvisionTEC RC Series is a series of highly reliable materials with individual formulas, designed for the users particular needs. The material is tough and offers high resolution printing.

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EnvisionTEC | ABS Hi-Impact


The EnvisionTEC ABS Hi-Impact resin is available in grey or black. The material is sturdy and dependable.

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B9Creations Black Robust


Print 3D tooling moulds on demand! The resin can be used to replace traditional injection moulds and metal moulds with 3D Printed ones, allowing for greater freedom in geometry. Black Robust is ideal for end-use parts and prototypes. 

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B9Creations Black


A high-strength, fast-curing resin for durable models, vulcanized mold-making, or casting in hard investments. Slice thick for quick results or thin for fine details.

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Fun To Do Deep Black 3D Resin - 1KG


Deep Black has specifically been designed to get the best out of your High End DLP/SLA machine.
This special blend has been combined with near nano carbon particles, which enables you to print objects in the highest resolutions.
Despite being black, the cure times are just as any other of our fast curing resins.

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DWS Vitra 413 High Strength Resin Cartridge

DWS Vitra 413 resin cartridge set of 2 for use with the XFAB 3D printer. Vitra 413 is a light yellow acrylic resin for making parts with high strength and rigidity.
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Asiga FusionGRAY V2 1L


FusionGRAY is a high temperature material resistant to temperatures up to 160 °C. FusionGRAY is suitable for vulcanized rubber molds and injection mould tooling for industrial applications.

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Asiga PlasGRAY V2 1L


The Plas™ Range of photopolymer resins are high resolution, flexible, touch and chemically resistant. Supplied in 1L material packs containing 1x 1L bottle of Polymer resin and 1x Build Tray.

Note: This is the only on-going consumable for a PRO 3D Printer.

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