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If you are already involved in biomedical research, you must be familiar with bioprinting - a highly sophisticated process that creates 3D cellular structure. Check out our unique bioprinter below that is ready to revolutionise medicine.


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  • £ 30,000

    ROKIT INVIVO is the world's 1st hybrid and modular bio 3D printer. It is the most innovative and up to date bio 3D printer that allows users to create versatile 3D cellular structure with multi material and extensive designs.

    £ 30,000 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 25,000.00
    Delivery in 4 weeks
  • £ 249

    INVIVO@GEL generates multiple layered 3D tissue constructs that maintain structural integrity over a long term in vitro.

    £ 249 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 207.50
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items