B9Creator SLA 3D Printer 

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The B9 Creator has rapidly become the preferred desktop 3D printing machine of jewelers, dental laboratories and prototypers alike. The B9 uses stereolithography to convert liquid resin into solid objects of unbelievable definition and clarity. The B9 is the brainchild of ex-US Airforce pilot Michael Joyce.  With a degree in mathematics and a passion for technology, Joyce developed multiple patented inventions which provided the basis for the very first B9 Creator. Be sure to check out B9’s proprietary resins, each specially designed for specific industry applications, and its assortment of replacement parts and accessories.

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    The B9 Model Cure is a compact, high-intensity UV post-curing solution for resin models in applications such jewelry, prototyping or model making.Find in this curing unit a way to simplify your day-to-day workflow due to its effective design and its proposal of precise, reliable, and easy-to-use solution.

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