MiiCraft 125 Series
  • MiiCraft 125 Series
  • MiiCraft 125 Series

MiiCraft 125 Series

The MiiCraft 125 series offer high precision prints at a price more than 3x cheaper than their industrial equivalents. The printer is available with a range of build volumes and projector wavelengths. The 365/385nm wavelength is best suited to Dental/Medical applications where clear prints are required. The 405nm wavelength is best suited to printing models and castable resins for jewellery.

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iMakr's Verdict
The MiiCraft 125 printer uses SLA-based DLP technology to produce detailed 3D prints from a vat of resin. 
With the 365/385nm
wavelengths, the printer uses UV light to cure the resin. This allows the printing of clearer 
resins than possible with 405nm
technology. The 385nm wavelength is best suited to dental and medical applications, 
while the as 365nm is best for microfluidics. If your
application is jewellery-related required to obtain highly detailed
prototypes, the 405nm would be well suited for you.



The MiiCraft 125 series is available with a range of build volumes, associated XY resolutions and projector wavelengths allowing you to choose the machine best suited to your application.

Model 50 80 100 125 150
Build Volume
57 x 32 x 120 mm 80 x 45 x 120 mm 102 x 57.5 x 120 mm 125 x 70 x 120 mm 150 x 84.4 x 120 mm
Resolution 30 μm 41.5 μm 53 μm 65 μm 78 μm

  365nm - X series

Best suited to Microfluidics applications as UV light is able to cure transparent resins with far reduced cloudiness compared to visible light projectors.

 385nm - Y series

Uses a UV projector with the wavelength that is standard for the Dental industry for making clear parts. This makes it great for making aligners, surgical guards and others.

  405nm - Z series

The 405nm series uses a visible light projector making it best suited to opaque and translucent resins, used for product design applications. This makes it ideal for printing castable resins for jewellery.

Standard Features

MiiCraft Necklace

Accurate Prints

High resolution DLP chip and sophisticated optics
produce accurate layers that turn into accurate printed objects.

MiiCraft Jewellery

User Friendly

Powerful easy to use software gives the user full control of
the printing parameters to ensure the best quality prints.

Miicraft Lotus Flower


Compatible with a wide range of resins, giving you the freedom
to make what you want. This includes 3rd party resins.

In The Box
  • MiiCraft printer
  • RJ-45 Cable
  • Tray for resin tank
  • Power cable
  • Putty knife
  • Scraper
  • Picker
  • User manual and quick start guide

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Data sheet

Printing Technology
37.5 kg
Material type
Light Source
Full HD LED Projector
43 x 43 x 59 cm
Layer Thickness (microns)
Minimum 5 μm
Advertised Manufacturer Material
Solid / Transarent / Castable / Biocompatible
Slicing Software
File Input Format
Power Supply
100~240V AC, 2A, 50/60Hz
USB / Ethernet
Software Compatibility
Windows 7 & newer

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