Miicraft Resins

Shop now for Miicraft SLA 3D Printer resins right now on iMakr. Miicraft SLA 3D Printers are the best for both medical and dental purposes, enjoy their precision with these resins especially designed for high accuracy printing.

Miicraft Resins

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Miicraft Resin for Dental modeling and Prototyping - 500g (BV-004 / BV-005)

This non-transparent, high stability resins is ideally made to create dental models as well as rapid prototyping. 

It is available in two colours: pink (BV004) or ivory (BV005).
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Miicraft Orange resin (BV-012) - 250g

Put color in your prints! Choose the orange resin for your Miicraft + 3D printer. 

This castable resin is made for direct investment casting. Ideal for jewelry and dental applications.
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Miicraft Biocompatible Resin


The world’s first direct aligner material. A biocompatible, nontoxic, hypoallergenic material.

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