ORLAS CREATOR - Metal 3D Printer

The ORLAS CREATOR is a revolutionary metal 3D printer equipped with an advanced laser system for direct metal deposition. This system from OR LASER offers all the best advantages of additive manufacturing for precision metal components at an affordable price and efficient lead-time. 
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iMakr Verdict :

The ORLAS CREATOR is a major player in the AM industry; creating metal components in almost every geometric shape that cannot be manufactured using traditional techniques. We highly recommend this powerful machine for creating metal components and precision parts in industries like Aerospace, Engineering, Medical, Jewellery, and more. It uses an innovative revolving blade to move powder from the feed chamber to the build chamber, increasing part production by up to 30%. The machine uses a high power 250w fibre laser to sinter metal powder into parts quickly and without the need for chamber heating. Users have a wide range of materials to use: stainless-steel and cobalt chrome, titanium alloys, precious metals and more which adds a huge beneficial factor to the system.  

The Full ORLAS CREATOR Experience :


ORLAS Creator Metal Materials

                                  Powder materials*                                                     Usability             
Stainless steel
Cobalt chrome
Titanium alloys
Aluminium alloys
Precious Metals

What are the main components of the ORLAS CREATOR ?

- Portable Controller
The most intuitive graphical user interface running on a tablet. Monitor your CREATOR wherever you are.

- Powder Reservoir
The well-sized powder reservoir can contain almost the doubled powder quantity.

- Coater
Maximum productivity by a unique circular coater design.

- Building Platform
Simple and precise positioning of the building platform due to the zero-point clamping system.

- Filter System
The integrated filter system cleans the oxygen-free atmosphere within the construction chamber

- Laser Source
250 W power provided to print your creations. You are free to tune the power to your requirements.

3D Metal Printing. For Every Industry.


Dental and medical products such as surgical instruments, complex mass and customized implants, crowns, caps, bridges, guides, model castings, unique small-batch pieces and secondary structures

Economically fabricated jewellery like rings, charms, and pendants, chains in single pieces, timepiece compo­nents, and custom accessories made from gold, silver, and precious metal powders

Functional prototyping up to series production, high-tech metal aircraft parts that require light-weight structures like engines and turbines, drones and multi-piece components into one single part

Tool-less prototyping, precision and complex geometry pieces focusing on weight reduction, operational optimisation, direct digital manufacturing and reduced use of raw materials and energy

Technical Specifications :

Build Volume Ø100 x 110mm
Feed Volume Ø110 x 110mm
Layer Thickness 20 - 100 microns
Coater Precision Rotary Coater
Gas Connection Argon/Nitrogen
Laser Type Yb Fibre Laser
Power 250W max @ 1070nm
Spot Size 40 - 300 microns (Using beam expander)
Lenses Precision F-Theta Lens
Speed Jump and mark speed up to 5m/s (Typical 500mm/s)
Power Supply 110 - 240V (50 - 60 Hz)
Current Max. 10A
Slicing / Control CREATOR User Interface, 3D Printing Application for slicing
System Dimensions 717 x 858 x 1794 mm
Installation Space min. 900 x 900 x 2000 mm
Machine Opening 450 x 180 mm
Weight 470 kg

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