In late 2015 Peopoly sought to create a laser-based SLA printer that creates high-resolution prints, but is affordable and accessible to everyone. The result was Moai, an easily-assembled, beginner-friendly printer. With the Moai's ability to use many resins, and its low price, users will find many reasons to love this printer. iMakr are proud to offer this easy gateway into the wide world of SLA printing. Now also discover the Phenom 3D printer,  which is a step-up for designers and engineers wishing to print bigger and quicker at an affordable price point.


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Moai 130 SLA printer - Kit Version

The Moai 130 SLA printer kit is a total package of tools needed to get started 3D printing immediately. This kit version offers the same high-quality prints and experience, except also allows users to become familiar with the in\'s and out\'s of their printer. The Moai is all about flexibility, performance, and affordability, offering better resolution than Formlabs at a fraction of the price.

This Moai 130 kit bundle features :

  • Moai SLA machine
  • FEP film VAT
  • Easy-to-Level Build Plate
  • Heater Module
  • UV Curing Light
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Moai 130 3D Printer Fully Assembled


The Moai 3D printer is the best value SLA solution for everyone. Providing remarkable printing resolution, as other professional SLA printers at a fraction of the price, the Moai is all about flexibility, performance, and affordability. Use any material desired for your applications on your Moai. 

The assembled full pack gives you the same great features of the Moai printer but comes fully assembled, with resins and training.

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