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Resin for SLA/DLP

At iMakr we offer a range of proven and tested SLA/DLP 3D printer resins to suit a variety of needs. For jewellers, we have castable resins of from top suppliers that produce high quality samples ready for casting. For engineers, we offer prototype and hard wearing resins ideal for spare parts and prototypes. We also stock specialty materials such as flexible or high resolution resins.

Resin for SLA/DLP

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B9R-1 Red Resin 1 KG


B9R-1 Red is a general purpose red resin. Pigmented for 75-100 micron layer thickness.

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B9R-1-Cherry Resin 1 KG


A general purpose cherry resin for thinner slicing and sharp details. Pigmented for 25-50 micron layer thickness.

Shipping costs remain the same for 2 to 10 spools of filament.

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B9R-2-Black Resin 1 KG

A high-strength, fast-curing, resin for durable models, vulcanized mold-making, or casting in hard investments.  Slice thick for quick results or thin for fine details.
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MakerJuice G+ 500 mL


MakerJuice Sub G+ resin has been designed with the following characteristics in mind: low viscosity, low srinkage, very hard, little flexibility, very fast cure speed, very similar to ABS.
Shipping costs remain the same for 2 to 10 spools of filament

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Makerjuice SF 500 mL


SF is a great blend that is just slightly more bendy than G+, while maintaining the fast print speeds and great accuracy. It also has a higher pigment concentration, for more vibrantly opaque parts, and pigment does not settle out as fast. SubSF is perfect for snap-fit parts, or anything that needs to be hard while not being brittle.

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Asiga PlasGRAY V2 500ml


The Plas™ Range of photopolymer resins are high resolution, flexible, touch and chemically resistant. Supplied in 500ml material packs containing 1x 500mL bottle of Polymer resin and 1x Build Tray.

Note: This is the only on-going consumable for a Pico 3D Printer.

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B9R-3-Emerald Resin

Developed as an improvement to B9R-1-Cherry based on feedback from jewelers.  B9R-3-Emerald provides clean burnout without staining the investment, enables casting of thicker objects, and prints with excellent detail to show the finest features of any design. 
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B9R-4-Yellow Resin

The ultimate casting resin.  Developed based on feedback from jewelers looking for the most complete burnout and castability on the market at any price.  B9R-4-Yellow leaves no ash, enables casting of thicker objects, and prints with excellent detail to show the finest features of any design. 
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Fun To Do Castable Blend 3D Resin - 1KG


The Castable Blend has been designed to cast your pieces in bronze, copper, tin or iron using standard vacuum investment casting methods and settings. It is an Ideal resin for casting pieces of art, Toy models, machine parts. The fully cured resin has a hardness of 73 shore D.

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Fun To Do Industrial 3D Blend Resin - 1KG

The Fun To Do Industrial Blend resin has been developed especially for industrial customers who need for an extra hard resin that maintains its structural integrity when exposed to very low or high temperatures. Because of these properties it is one of the few resins perfectly suitable for vulcanisation. 
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Fun To Do Snow White 3D Resin - 1 KG

Snow White is the first resin that is white, and stays white.
It has a milky white colour, which makes it an ideal resin for printing architectural designs or other designs where white is the predominant colour.
Combine Snow White with one of the pigments to create any pastel colour you like.
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Fun To Do Deep Black 3D Resin - 1KG

Deep Black has specifically been designed to get the best out of your High End DLP/SLA machine.
This special blend has been combined with near nano carbon particles, which enables you to print objects in the highest resolutions.
Despite being black, the cure times are just as any other of our fast curing resins.
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Fun To Do Pigment set 4 x 20ml

Pigment set of Snow White resin.
The finest quality pigments and an exceptional fine particle structure. The four colours of the set enables you to mix any colour of the rainbow.
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Miicraft Light Green Resin (BV-011) - 250g

Put color in your prints! Choose the light green resin for your Miicraft + 3D printer. 

This castable resin is made for fast investment casting. Ideal for dental and jewelry applications.
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