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MakerJuice Sub G+ 500ML
  • MakerJuice Sub G+ 500ML

MakerJuice G+ 500 mL

MakerJuice Sub G+ resin has been designed with the following characteristics in mind: low viscosity, low srinkage, very hard, little flexibility, very fast cure speed, very similar to ABS.
Shipping costs remain the same for 2 to 10 spools of filament

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SubG+ was designed with a few things in mind: PDMS friendly, fast curing, low shrink (with measured shrink <3.5%!), holds pigment for longer without as much settling.

Finished prints are tough but not brittle due to our custom resin formulations.

SubG+ cures under UV A, B, and C light up to around 420nm. You can cure it with a DLP projector, a UV laser, or UV leds. When using UV lasers or LEDs, the cure time is extremely fast, so you don’t need much power.

This resin is low odor, zero VOC, and only mildly irritant. Unlike some bigger resin producers who say low odor/low VOC, you can sit right next to ours and not need a gas mask.

This resin will not affect PLA, but will cause degradation in ABS when uncured.

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