Sinterit TPE Powder - 2kg

Sinterit's TPE powder is a thermoplastic elastomer that offers equal parts durability and elasticity. Its strong, dense and elastic properties offer more options for functional prototypes in more industries. It can be covered with the Sinterit TPE sealer that makes it completely watertight and airtight.

TPE is available in grey color for both Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro.

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Sinterit TPE Material

Key Properties:

  • Elastic yet durable
  • Dense
  • After TPE sealer covering – watertight & airtight

Material type: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Shore hardness type A scale: 90
Tensile Strength: 6.0 [MPa]
Elongation at break: 196%
Melting point: 190°C


  • Shoes/insoles parts (wear resistance)
  • Watertight/airtight items
  • Pumps, bellows, gaskets
  • Skin-touch applications for rubbers
  • Footwear prototypes,
  • Hoses and tubes – it’s water/air tight,
  • Shock absorbers

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