Ulitmaker Extruder Drive Upgrade Kit
  • Ulitmaker Extruder Drive Upgrade Kit


Upgraded parts. Development has worked hard and is proud to introduce you the new extruder drive mechanism. It’s a derivative of the design of Bertho’s on Thingiverse. It has quite a few benefits over the old one.
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A derivative of Bertho’s design found on Thingiverse. Included with every new Ultimaker Original purchase. Only compatible with the Ultimaker Original.

  • Retrofit - fits all Ultimaker printers
  • Spring design - compensate for diameter differences in PLA
  • The snap system – locks the extruder driver in place, so no more adjusting the screw
  • Retraction – this design results in significantly better retraction
  • Easy assembly – you only have to replace a small part of the extruder, not the whole extruder unit
  • Noise reduction


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