Spare parts

Find the best spare parts for your 3D printer or scanner here at iMakr.

Spare parts

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Upgraded parts. Development has worked hard and is proud to introduce you the new extruder drive mechanism. It’s a derivative of the design of Bertho’s on Thingiverse. It has quite a few benefits over the old one.
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UP! Box V4 nozzle

Up! Box+ spare parts
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WASP Clay Extruder Kit (3 Litre)


Clay and fluid-dense material extruder kit. Includes 3L syringe, clay and pressure regulator. Requires air compressor.

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DeltaWASP Steel Nozzle

Steel nozzle for Wasp 3D printers.
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DWS XFAB Replacement hood

Replacement hood for the DWS XFAB SLA 3D printer.
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High Temperature Build Plate for Raise3D N1

Intended use for Raise3D N1. The build plates quality diminishes with each use and needs to be renewed once it starts effecting printing quality. Having a spare build plate allows for more time efficiency between prints as you do not need to spend time freeing it before beginning the next print.
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Raise3D N1 BuildTak

Intended use for Raise3D N1. This is an essential accessories additive to ease the release of your finished print from the build plate helping to avoid damage.

Building surfaces get worn down with each successive use, so having spares would aid you for when the building surface needs replacing.
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