Ceramic 3D printing pioneers Tethon3D have been manufacturing photo-curable ceramic powder/polymer resins since 2014 and boast a broad range which includes Porcelite and Graphenite, which are compatible with most 350nm to 405nm 3D printers.


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Tethon3D Porcelite Ceramic Resin 1L

Porcelite® from Tethon3D allows you to create intricate ceramic parts using your SLA or DLP 3D printer. These parts can then be fired using a kiln or torch and can be glazed in the same way as traditional ceramic items to produce finished parts.
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Tethon3D Genesis 1L

Genesis® from Tethon3D is a photopolymer development resin base used for the experimentation in developing photocurable resins for SLA/DLP 3D printers.
This resin needs to be combined with solid powders as it does not print as is.
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Tethon3D Vitrolite 1L

Viitrolite® from Tethon3D is a photocurable glass ceramic resin. It allows you to create 3D prints use with SLA or DLP printing technology. Its high strength and ability to be polished provide your designs with a smooth ceramic glass-like finish.
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Tethon3D Castalite 1L

Produce ceramic shell molds that can be used for direct metal casting with Castalite® from Tethon3D. This revolutionary resin can be used to cast and shape precious metals like gold, silver, bronze, and aluminium, reducing time and money with high-quality results. Castalite resin is a technological breakthrough for ceramic 3D printing.
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Tethon3D Flexalite 1L

Smooth and durable, Flexalite® is a semi-transparent, flexible resin for SLA/DLP 3D printers from Tethon3D. Useful for hobyists and industrial projects, the physical properties of this resin can be used for a large scope of designs and projects.
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