3D Printing Resin

At iMakr we offer a range of proven and tested SLA/DLP 3D printer resins to suit a variety of needs. For jewellers, we have castable resins from top suppliers that produce high quality samples ready for casting. For engineers, we offer durable and hard wearing resins ideal for spare parts and prototypes. We also stock specialty materials such as flexible or high resolution resins.

3D Printing Resin

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ASIGA DentaTRY is available in 6 industry standard colour options. Specially created to produce custom impression trays and denture try-ins. 

LOCTITE 3D | IND475 A60 High Rebound


The LOCTITE 3D IND475 A60 High Rebound is suitable for applications where resilience and tear resistance is required for example lattice structures and functional prototyping. Available in Black or White. The material properties and the ease of printing make the LOCTITE 3D IND475 A60 High Rebound a superior choice for elastomeric applications.

Saremco Denturetec 500g


Saremco Denturetec is designed for producing denture bases. It is highly biocompatible and produces highly precise models quickly and easily. Saremco Denturebase is an outstanding resin to choose for all types of denture bases.

BlueCast X-Vest


BlueCast X-Vest is the ideal choice for jewellery smiths looking to create intricate, high resolution casts. Available in 5KG, 10KG and 20KG to suit your casting needs.