Partnering with industry leading chemical producers, 3D4Makers offers exceptional 3D printing solutions with an extensive range of mechanical properties including, PEEK, PEI, PPSu, Ortho, ASA and much more. Explore the entire range 3D4Makers filaments. 


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3D4Makers ASA 750g


ASA has similar mechanical properties to ABS but better resistance to harsh conditions making it ideal for use outdoors. Parts made have good impact resistance over a range of temperatures and good resistance to chemicals and heat.

3D4Makers PEEK 151


PEEK 151 is a high-performance thermopolymer resistant to high temperatures and many chemicals. It is a common injection moulding plastic for industrial applications where high strength and low weight are desirable.

3D4Makers PEI 1010


PEI is a high performance thermoplastic wither outstanding strength and thermal stability. It is often used for structural parts due to its high strength to weight ratio.