iMakr is an exclusive distributor of Apium 3D printing solutions in the UK, US, France, and Denmark. As an official distributor, iMakr provides full technical support and training for all Apium 3D printers. With their ability to print high-temperature polymers such as PEEK and ULTEM, Apium's printers are at the top of their field. Capable of reaching temperatures up to 540 degrees Celcius, as well as featuring adjustable temperature capabilities, Apium 3D printers are adaptable to a wide variety of materials and applications. iMakr recommends these printers for engineers, medical researchers and others who require strong, potentially bio-safe, functional parts.

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Apium | P220

The Apium P220 is a forerunner 3D printer and sets a new standard in high performance polymer additive manufacturing. Print in technical polymers like PEEK, PEI and more. Choose from a compact or medium size and with standard or advanced features to fit your operation needs.

Apium M220 Medical 3D Printer

Apium M220 is the first 3D printer specially designed to manufacture medical products and implants made from PEEK. Produce patient specific implants and prosthetics at a reduced cost without effecting the biocompatibility and sterilisation of PEEK.