iMakr is proud to be an official distributor of Peopoly 3D printers, working closely with Peopoly we provide full support for you and your businesses. Consult our team of experts and we will help you find the right Peopoly solution for you. 

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Peopoly Phenom Forge


Introducing Forge, a production-grade large-format MSLA printer built for workshops and factories from Peopoly. It is powered by the all-new Vlare Core controller with features that will make printing easier, faster, and more accurate.  The Phenom Forge is shipped in two boxes and requires approximately 30 minutes of assembly time. No special tools or soldering required. 

Peopoly Phenom XXL V2


This upgraded Phenom XXL V2 offers the same enormous build volume, but now with improved energy efficiency, an upgraded controller board, more accurate light-source, on-board camera and WiFi connectivity. Print huge models faster and more accurately than ever before!

Contact us for availability and expected delivery times.