3D Accessories

These are small add-ons to 3D printers that help improve or enhance your experience with your machine.

3D Accessories

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Mosaic Palette+

Unlock the true potential of your FDM 3D printer with the Mosaic Palette+, the four colour filament splicer. The Palette+ is capable of combining multiple materials in one print.

Ultimaker 2 Olsson Block Kit

The Olsson Block is a new hotend for Ultimaker 2. This upgrade allows for quick and easy nozzle changes so different nozzle sizes can be selected to suit each project. This makes it possible to achieve much more detailed prints or considerably faster extrusion rates depending on the nozzle you choose.

FLASHFORGE 0.4mm Updated Nozzle


Updated: Outer Diameter = 0.35 Inch

Note: The original version and the updated version are not interchangeable. Please verify the type of nozzle using by your machine before making a purchase.