3D Printers By Brand

iMakr offer a comprehensive range of additive manufacturing solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. With a broad selection of 3D printing technologies from pioneering, industry leading experts on offer, designed to improve your workflow, the choices available to you has never been greater. High performing engineering materials are readily available across the board and our iMakr additive manufacturing specialists are here to help you decide what machine is right for you.

3D Printers By Brand

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3D PotterBot Micro 10


The 3D PotterBot Micro 10 is an entry-level 3D ceramic printer, fitted with high quality components in a small and affordable package. 

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3D PotterBot 10 Pro


An upgraded version of the PotterBot micro 10 clay printer, the PotterBot 10 Pro is larger in size, featuring a motor with twice the power, perfect for larger projects. 

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3D PotterBot Super 10


The PotterBot Super 10 features an even larger extruder capacity for bigger projects with continuous printing. 

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3D PotterBot 10 XL


Featuring the largest cardinal rail axis printer in the lineup, 3D Potter brings to you the PotterBot 10 XL, capable of printing even larger, more complex ceramic projects. 

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3D PotterBot Scara Elite


The 3D PotterBot Scara Elite is a super refined, extra large 3D ceramic printer, capable of non-stop simultaneous printing of multiple large projects. 

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MiiCraft Advance Series

Miicraft’s Advance Series offers a high resolution LED light engine with a Digi-optical technology which allows the user to print its products or components at a faster rate with highly accurate details. This machine is especially used for individualized mass production and professional applications.

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Apium M220 Medical 3D Printer

Apium M220 is the first 3D printer specially designed to manufacture medical products and implants made from PEEK. Produce patient specific implants and prosthetics at a reduced cost without effecting the biocompatibility and sterilisation of PEEK.
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Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K

iMakr has selected the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K as the go-to business solution, now with an extended 24 month warranty exclusive to iMakr. iMakr is an official distributor of Phrozen additive manufacturing technologies. Contact our team for expert support and advice on the entire Phrozen range.
For a limited time while supplies last, each purchase of the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K will receive 2 bottles of Henkel Loctite PRO410 resin worth £100
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HBD-350 Metal 3D Printer

The HBD-350 is a Selective Laser Melting machine (SLM) that produces high quality, metal parts. It comes as a complete solution with many supporting accessories. Contact iMakr to find out how we can tailor your HBD-350 solution for you.
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HBD-500 Metal 3D Printer

The HBD-500 is a large format Selective Laser Melting machine (SLM). It comes as a complete solution with many supporting accessories, giving you everything you will need to produce high quality end use metal parts. Contact iMakr to find out how we can tailor your HBD-500 for you.

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HBD-150 Metal 3D Printer

The HBD-150 is a Selective Laser Melting machine (SLM) capable of printing in a variety of materials. A fully customisable system giving you full control over your SLM printer and its auxiliaries whilst still being an affordable entry point for SLM technology. Contact iMakr to find out how we can tailor your HBD-150 for you.

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Zortrax Endureal

Zortrax Endureal industrial 3D Printer features advance thermal management for high performance polymers. The filament temperature is tightly controlled throughout the printing process in order to achieve the best precision and optimum mechanical material properties. Print in high performance engineering materials such as PEEK and PEI.

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