Castable Resins

Castable Resins

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Asiga SuperCAST V3 1L


SuperCAST v3™ - now with the added benefit of faster print speeds and enhanced detail definition. Developed specifically for jewelry and dental applications.

B9Creations Red


B9R-1-Red is a general purpose red resin, pigmented for 75-200 micron layer thickness. Printed parts may be used to create silicon or RTV molds.

B9Creations Cherry


A general purpose cherry-coloured resin from B9Creations for thinner slicing and sharp details. Pigmented for 30 - 50 micron layer thickness.

EnvisionTEC | Easy Cast 2.0 C

The EnvisionTEC Easy Cast 2.0 resin is a material that is mostly used in the high-speed printing of castable models and in jewellery. The resin was developed to be exclusively printed on EnvisionTEC\'s patented cDLM printers.

B9Creations - FastWax Casting Resin

Using B9Creations FAST technology, FastWax Casting Resin provides you with increased accuracy and reduced post-processing. FastWax resin is a easy-to-use resin with a higher wax content and guaranteed smooth surface finish.

BlueCast CR3A


BlueCast CR3A is an entry level castable resin, easy to print with using all LCD printers giving high quality casting results.