Flexible Resins

Flexible Resins

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DWS Flexa 692 Black Rubber Like Resin Cartridge

DWS Flexa 692 resin cartridge set of 2 for use with the XFAB 3D printer. Flexa 692 is a black rubber like resin for prototyping applications. It can be used to create gaskets, handles, footwear, wearables and any other parts where rubber characteristics are required.

LOCTITE 3D | IND475 A60 High Rebound


The LOCTITE 3D IND475 A60 High Rebound is suitable for applications where resilience and tear resistance is required for example lattice structures and functional prototyping. Available in Black or White. The material properties and the ease of printing make the LOCTITE 3D IND475 A60 High Rebound a superior choice for elastomeric applications.