Apium | CFR PEEK 4000 1.75mm 500g

The Apium PEEK CFR 4000 is a high quality 3D printing filament. The PEEK material is a very tough and durable material. This filament comes as a 500g spool with a width of 1.75mm.

Colour: Dark Grey

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Apium PEEK CFR 4000 Filament

The Apium PEEK CRF 4000 was created based on the PEEK CFR, its predecessor. The CFR 4000 has taken the advantages of the PEEK CFR and improved the material. The Apium PEEK CFR 4000 is a 30% carbon fiber reinforced material. The filament offers enhanced layer adhesion and mechanical properties.

Printing Temperature: minimum 341° C

Data sheet

Filament Diameter (mm)
Outer spool diameter
200 mm
Spool width
Inner spool diameter
53 mm


Apium Filament SDS

Safety data sheet covering Apium filaments for 3D printing

Download (82.03k)

Apium PEEK CFR 4000 TDS

Teknisk datablad for Apium PEEK CFR 4000 (kulfiberforstærket)

Download (312.3k)

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