Artec Leo 3D Scanner
    • Artec Leo 3D Scanner

    Artec Leo 3D Scanner

    With the Artec Leo handheld 3D scanner, capturing highly accurate scan data is as easy as making a video. The multiple-award-winning wireless 3D scanner from Artec3D has been upgraded for 2022 with a number of new features to offer faster processing speeds and even greater accuracy. The best has just got better!

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    Artec Leo

    The world's first wireless professional 3D scanner has received several under-the-hood enhancements to offer a faster, more reliable and more accurate 3D scanning experience.

    An outstanding feature-set including AI-driven processing, a thoughtfully designed interface and cable-free operation makes obtaining high-accuracy scans a breeze.

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    Hand holding the Artec Leo

    Easy to use

    Multiple languages

    Multi-Language Operation

    The interface of the scanner can be operated in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese.

    Touchscreen interface

    Touch Screen Interface

    Manage your device, scanning process and scan data with an intuitive interface.

    On-device scan previews

    3D Model Preview

    Check the scan data in real time. Visual guides display the quality of the data in different regions of your scan.

    AI assisted scanning

    Smart Scanning

    AI technology helps you to capture only what is necessary - reducing processing time and clean-up.

    Distance colour map

    Colour Distance Map

    The Artec Leo offers simple guidance for optimising the scanning distance. The target surface is displayed in blue on the touch screen if the scanner is too far away, displayed in red if too close and displayed in green when at the correct distance.

    Highly Accurate Scan Data

    Factory calibration certificate and board

    Factory Calibration

    Each Artec Leo 3D scanner is fully calibrated before leaving the factory - ensuring the best possible scan quality straight out of the box.

    Calibration Kit

    Purchase the Artec Leo Plus bundle to include a calibration kit which allows users to maintain scan accuracy over time and for different environments.

    Temperature Control

    Automatic software control regulates the temperature of the scanner and ensures that accuracy is not affected by temperature changes.

    New Artec Leo Processor

    2x The Processing Power

    The new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 chip offers twice the processing power and has doubled the on-board storage when compared to its predecessor. In addition, graphics processing is now 30% faster and RAM specs have been significantly improved to offer increased transfer speeds.

    High Definition Scanning

    Double the resolution of your scan data and remove noise with HD Mode. An AI-powered neural engine offers resolution of up to 0.2mm for capturing sharp edges and hard to reach areas.

    Example of Artec HD mode

    Vibrant Colours and Textures

    The Artec Leo features advanced technology that adjusts flash intensity to achieve evenly-lit 3D models, even in unstable lighting conditions.

    Level-up your CGI photogrammetry by combining scanned data from the Artec Leo with photos from your camera for amazingly lifelike models with perfect geometry.

    Artec 3D colour and texture scanning

    Powerful Software

    Artec Studio Software Screenshot

    Artec Studio Software

    Seamlessly transfer scan data to Artec's powerful Studio software. An intuitive interface allows mesh-to-CAD analysis, easy primitive-fitting, and more processing operations.

    New remote control capabilities introduce further flexibility. Remotely access the Artec Leo via a browser on a mobile device to monitor the scanning process, control the scanner, and manage projects and target clouds.

    With the scan-to-cloud feature, you are no longer limited by location, or hardware. Team members can collaborate remotely and contribute their expertise to the same project. Your scans can process while you travel back from the field, and parallel projects can run simultaneously.

    A Wide Range Of Applications

    Highly Versatile

    The Artec Leo excels in its versatility and is capable of capturing objects from 20cm to 200cm in size, and can even capture a whole room or crime scene (paired with an appropriately powerful computer).

    Typical objects and applications:

    • Gearboxes, castings
    • Automotive parts
    • Turbines, ship propellers, small boats
    • Statues, and the human body
    • Furniture and room interiors
    • Crime scenes

    Scanning a car with Artec Leo

    Artec Leo for interior design

    Artec Leo for crime scenes

    Artec Leo for medical and CGI

    Artec Leo for art and research

    Technical Specifications

    3D Point Accuracy0.1mmVolume Capture Zone160000cm^33D Exposure Time0.0002s
    3D Resolution0.2mmWorking Distance0.35-1.2m2D Exposure Time0.0002s
    3D Accuracy/Distance0.1mm + 0.3mm /mData Acquisition Speed35,000,000 points/sTexture Resolution2.3mp
    Linear Field of view HxW @ closest range244 x 142mm3D Reconstruction Rate (Real time fusion)22 fpsColours24bpp
    Linear Field of view HxW @ furthest range838 x 488mm3D Reconstruction Rate (3D Video Recording)44 fps3D Light SourceVCSEL
    Angular Field of view HxW38.5 x 23°3D Reconstruction Rate (3D Video Streaming)80 fps2D Light Source12 White LED

    Computer Requirements

    A computer is needed only for data processing. Scanning does not require a computer.

    Recommended PC RequirementsIntel Core i7 or i9, 64+ GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with 8+ GB VRAM, CUDA 6.0+
    Minimum PC Requirements

    HD Mode: Intel Core i7 or i9, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with CUDA 6.0+ and at least 4 GB VRAM

    SD Mode: Intel Core i5, i7 or i9, 32 GB RAM, GPU with 2 GB VRAM

    For further information and advice on how Artec 3D scanners can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our advisors by calling the telephone number at the top of the page, or by clicking the button below and requesting a call-back:

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    Data sheet

    1.8 kg
    File Output Format
    Power Supply
    Built in battery pack with charger
    WiFi / Ethernet