Clariant PLA-HI-GF10 1.75mm

Discover Glass-Fibre reinforced PLA by Clariant. An ideal material for applications requiring high impact resistance.

Each spool contains 1kg of filament.

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Clariant are a critically acclaimed organisation, with a solid reputation as world-leaders in the utilisation of speciality chemicals. They are manufacturing unique products and challenging competitors with cutting-edge developments in the 3D Printing industry.

Clariant's high impact modified 10% glass fiber reinforced polylactic acid filament is an exceptional material for the production of
manufacturing aids and functional parts that require high strength and toughness.

Key Features:

  • Semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester
  • Easy to print
  • No odour during printing
  • Very high tensile strength (70 MPa 3D printed in XZ direction)
  • High impact strength
  • Reduced thermo-oxidative degradation
  • Minimized undesired yellowing due to ultraviolet light

Example Applications:

  • Manufacturing aids (jigs and fixtures) for industries such as automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, electrical & electronics, packaging and more.
  • Functional parts requiring strength and toughness.
  • Prototypes

Data sheet

Printing Speed
30-50 mm/s
Printing Temperature
Bed Temperature
Up to 60°C

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