Here at iMakr, we believe that implementing 3D printing technology within your business will be a great added value. However, for it to be an even greater one, we would like to share our vision with you.

Today, many people understand the benefits from owning a 3D printer, but some of them still don’t picture the potential of such a disruptive technology in companies.  Something is sure: this technology will unleash the creativity at any layer of your organization and will help it grow in all its proportion. 

Our main service about Consulting will concern this step forward to reach this state of mind. We will teach you how to perceive your future goals by including 3D printing. 

These goals could be related to:

  • Internal communication
  • External communication 
  • Production goals
  • Process goals 
  • Market knowledge 
  • Software utilisation
  • Machine training
  • Cost and time improvement 

Now above, you can see the methodology followed when dealing with our clients and the answer to « how can a 3D printer help me? »

iMakr is here to give you a glimpse of the future through 3D printing

1) What can 3D printing do for my business

  • What are my goals?
  • What are my processes?
  • What is my budget?

At that point, we are just having an on-site "getting-to-know-each-other" conversation. We want and need to know everything about you: from your goals and processes, to your budget and logistical limitations. We also want to hear about your ambitions in the immediate and long-time future. Also if you already have an idea of the role that 3D printing could have in your ranks, our experts would be glad to listen to it! 

Once we have an initial idea of what you want to accomplish, our experts will build with you a solution with concrete timelines, and an effective ROI calculation. 

2) How can I identify opportunities for 3D printing within my business? 

  • I will receive a report summarizing the costs, processes and the stakeholders involved in my strategy
  • I will also be informed in advance of potential problem areas

After the first step of our collaboration, we will now able to concretely plan the strategy previously discussed. Our team will also be fully available for your employees  if you need any advice concerning which machine will be fit for purpose, or some individualized training on how to use the machine. 

3) How can I best introduce 3D printing into my business?

  • Together, we will decide upon the implementation, and initial results will be analyzed
  • If necessary,problems will be rectified 

Once the strategy is decided upon, we want to make sure everything goes to plan. That is why our iMakr experts will keep in touch with you and as previously agreed in the planning, a reunion will take place to verify together the well-being of the system. 

4) What kind of long-time assistance can I expect?

After reaching the agreement and observing the well-being of the strategy, iMakr will keep supplying you and will be available for any new process regarding to your settled environment. 

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