Cubicon 3D Printers

Hyvision's Cubicon 3D printers are enduring, solid products, capable of printing over and over again. These quiet, good-looking printers are also very newcomer-friendly, making them ideal for anyone seeking to enter the world of FDM printing. iMakr recommend Cubicon for both professionals, schools and serious home users that require absolute dependability and ease of use.

Cubicon 3D Printers

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Cubicon Style

Cubicon Style is a light weight and compact size 3D Desktop Printer designed to suit all environments, allowing the user to print anywhere with style.

iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the Cubicon Style.

Cubicon Single Plus

Quoted as the Ferrari of 3D printers, the Cubicon Single Plus is the upgraded version of the Cubicon Single. Offering a luxury user experience with patented automatic bed levelling and an integrated diagnostics system. Twice as accurate as its predecessor, it features amazing printing speed of up to 500mm/s.
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Cubicon Lux Full HD (210 DS)

This Cubicon LUX Full HD was designed to be the epitome of perfect design meets functionality. Its compact, clean and sleek aesthetic provide users everything they desire for a desktop DLP printer. It is great for jewellery and dental applications.