Detax Freeprint IBT

Freeprint IBT from Detax is a biocompatible, Medical Class One resin, featuring flexibility, low viscosity and high tear resistance. A premium dental resin for creating indirect bonding trays.

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Detax IBT is a light-curing, biocompatible resin (wavelength 385 nm) for 3D printing flexible orthodontic transfer trays for positioning brackets. Secure and precise positioning of brackets is possible thanks to indirect bonding. The indirect bracket transfer trays are transparent and facilitate precise positioning. High tensile strength and flexibility allow the easy positioning and removal of brackets in one step. Odourless and tasteless.

Colour: Transparent

Bottle Size: 1kg

Technical Properties

Tensile Strength DIN EN ISO 527-1 >8MPa
Tear Strength DIN ISO 34-1 >35N/mm
Elongation DIN EN ISO 527-1 >60%
Biocompatibility DIN EN ISO 10993-1 Compliant
Hardness >Shore A 90

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