Detax Freeprint Splint 2.0

Detax Freeprint Splint 2.0 is a premium biocompatible Medical Class IIa 3D printing resin. Featuring high strength and hardness, it is perfect for printing dental splints.

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Detax Freeprint Splint 2.0 is a biocompatible resin (wavelength 385 nm) for 3D printing splints and transfer keys. Featuring high mechanical bending and breaking strength, without being brittle and low-viscosity for reduced loss of material and fast cleaning. Easy to polish and colour-free for appealing aesthetics. Resistant to oral conditions. Neutral odour and taste.

Colour: Clear-transparent

Bottle Size: 1kg

Detax Splint 2.0

Detax Splint 2.0 1

Technical Properties

Flexural strength DIN EN ISO 20795-2 >80MPa
Flexural modulus DIN EN ISO 20795-2 >2000MPa
Hardness > 82 Shore D
Biocompatibility DIN EN ISO 10993-1 Compliant

Detax Splint 20. 3

Detax Splint 2.0 4

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