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Creality3D LD-001
  • Creality3D LD-001
  • Creality3D LD-001
  • Creality3D LD-001
  • Creality3D LD-001
  • Creality3D LCD-001

Creality3D LD-001

The Creality3D LD-001 is a compact DLP printer that allows users to print high definition models without having to invest highly in terms of money and space.

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The LD-001 uses LCD DLP technology to produce high-resolution models at a very affordable price point. It is one of the most durable and easy to use printers on the market which provides an excellent value for money without compromising on quality or occupying extra space.

Recommended professionals who focus on Dental, Jewellery, Architecture, Product design, and Game modeling. 

Key Features:

  • Economy of Space - The Creality3D LD-001 is one of the smallest and most compact printers on the market right now. They can fit on your table next to your desktop without occupying all the space. 

  • Innovative Touch Screen - The 3.5 inch full colour touch system supports real-time previews of your printing, and provides a more intuitive user experience by organising and displaying simply the files you need.  

  • Enhanced Durability – The vat and build tray are one of the most durable on the market, with Teflon film that helps it last longer than standard silicone film. 

  • Feed trough system - Daily adjustment, more convenient, more cost-effective

  • High Precision – Excellent precision, with accuracy up to ±25-50 microns. The surface finish is elegant and smooth, creating a print worthy of your admiration.

  • Auto Calibration System – The LD-001 is designed in such a way that makes it exceptionally straightforward to be able to adjust and level the build tray with a unique automatic leveling system. 

  • Extremely fast slicing - slice speeds up to 5 times faster than other solutions, a 20m STL file slice takes 21 minutes, while 3D Creator Slicer only takes 3 minutes.

  • Accessories - The LD-001 comes with an entire package of high quality accessories to get you started 3D printing without having to worry about purchasing extra items.

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Data sheet

Printing Technology
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)
Layer Thickness / Print Precision
0.02-0.05 microns
Special Features
Ordinary Rigid Photosensitive REsin
Light Source
LCD Screen Light Curing Molding
220 x 240 x 360 mm
Offline printing with SD card, Wi-fi and mobile control
Printer Software
3D Creator Slicer
Input Voltage / Power